People of STEP-IN

Our team at STEP-IN has grown and changed over the years. Get to know the wonderful people who have and continue to work with us here at ‘People of STEP-IN’!

Meet the team: Lucia Pedulla

Lucia worked with STEP-IN for an intense six months, managing HandSAP and setting up our physiotherapy centre. Now, she continues to support our work. Get to know here here!

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Meet the team: Dr. Martina Partelova

Dr. Martina has been with STEP-IN through thick and thin since 2016. She was also one of the first to manage HandSAP. Get to know this amazing woman and caring doctor in this short interview.

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It started with Raghda

She was one of many that had to flee from the largest Christian city in Iraq, Qaraqosh, when ISIS came in. Despite this terrible experience, she remains strong and believes that once her home city is rebuilt, it will be more beautiful than ever before. Raghda was the very first local employee of STEP-IN.

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When the world calls you

The first reason was to find out about the problematic in the Middle East, especially the refugees and IDP’s. I wanted to see it with my own eyes and make my own opinion. In Europe people seem to have a very negative opinion about this problematic.

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Lisa’s Journey to Iraq

Lisa is a young doctor from Ukraine. She started to work for STEP-IN in January 2017. It was a hard decision for her to come to Iraq. She had to quit her job, leave her home country, and head towards the unknown. Now there is no one in STEP-IN, that could imagine these 5 months of the project without our Lisa.

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