The following beneficiaries have completed their treatment with the help of our HandSAP programme and your donations! We would like to thank you for all your support. To keep helping people like those below, click the button at the bottom of the page to donate!

Barakat Havind

Sixty-nine year old Barakat lives in Sharya in an informal IDP settlement with his wife and kids. The family has lived there for almost four years. Barakat suffers from ischaemic heart disease and urgently needs life-saving cardiac surgery. Click here to read more about him.

Atryan Ido

Atryan is an 8-year-old Yazidi boy living in Dawoodia camp. Much of his family was captured by ISIS as they fled from their homes in Sinjar in the summer of 2014. Now, this sweet boy needs our help to undergo two simple yet extremely helpful operations.

Nahida Najid

Nahida is a 17-year-old Yazidi girl, living in Dawoodia camp, who has been blind since birth due to a severe case of congenital strabismus. With one more surgery to go, Nahida could regain full vision. The gift of eyesight would allow her to start studying for the first time in her life.


 Samira is a 15 years old girl. She is one of the many Yezidis who were forced to leave their homes to escape from ISIS violence. For few days she was trapped in Sinjar mountain, while fights were taking place everywhere around. After reaching Kurdistan, an unfinished building became her new home and later she finally moved


Auso is 38 year old father of ten who lived happily in his home in Talazer until the ISIS’ invasion in 2014 uprooted is entire life forcing him and his family to run away and try to rebuild a life in Dakar Camp. Auso lives in 2 conjoined caravans with 12 family members 10 of whom are his children.


Wadha is a 66 year old widowed women, who foresaw the imminent danger posed by ISIS in 2014 and escaped to Kurdistan before most of her fellow Yazidi. She has made herself a makeshift home in a poorly equipped tent in Dawoodia Camp amongst 4000 other IDPs. Despite being forced to live in such cramped and messy conditions


Abdul is a 7 years old boy from Rakka in Syria. He came to Erbil as a refugee in 2015, after ISIS took over his home city. Now Abdul lives with his two sisters and parents in an empty building in a suburb of Erbil. Abdul is deaf since birth and he needs an expesnsive hearing aid to be able to finally hear, talk and learn. Please consider donating to support him.


Aran is a 6 years old boy living in Sharia IDPs camp. The camp hosts around 15000 IDPs, especially Yezidis who escaped from Sinjar mountain in 2014. Aran, his brother and parents escaped by foot, reaching the Syrian border after hours of walking under the Iraq’s August sun. He was suffering from a hearing impairment and


Thair is a 40-year-old man from Christian town Qaraqosh, father of 4 children. Before displacement due to the ISIS invasion, he lived with his family in the flat rented by the Church for people with lower social status. He used to work as a guard in the church.


Sivan is a 2-year-old girl. She was born in Iraqi Kurdistan into a family of Syrian refugees. Before fleeing Syria, her father was a simple worker. When a civil war began in his country, he was asked to join the army. He rather chose to leave and to search for a safer life in Iraq, where he found a wife and had a daughter


Roni is a 2-year-old lovely boy. His parents are Syrian refugees, who had to flee their country in 2014 because of ISIS. Before displacement, his father was studying literature. Roni’s family found a place to stay in Erbil and started looking for medical care to help Roni with his condition.


Nasima, a 17-year-old Yazidi girl from Sinjar region, was born with a congenital defect – cleft lip and palate. At the age of 2 months, she underwent surgery, which was not successful and Nasima’s speech could not develop properly. She was stigmatized by her disorder and refused to go to school.


Naji is a 60 years old man originally from Anbar. In 2014 ISIS took over his town and he was forced to live under ISIS regime for 8 months. When ISIS started recruiting young males, Naji and his 24 years old son escaped to Kurdistan. Now Naji lives with his son and his wife in a small flat in Erbil.


Muhamad is a 2,5-year old boy, who was born to a family of Syrian refugees. His parents lived in the suburb of Damascus, but with the deterioration of security situation in their country in 2012, they decided to move to Iraqi Kurdistan. Muhamed had problems in his spinal cord.


Khalaf is a 45-year-old Yazidi man, who has 7 children. During the tragic events of August 2014, his family and he were kept hostages by ISIS fighters for few days, but fortunately they managed to escape during fighting to the Sinjar mountain. Around 150 relatives of his and people


Karina was born in March 2014 in the Iraqi Sinjar region, just 5 months before its invasion by ISIS. Since that time, she is growing up displaced in Iraqi Kurdistan. Hopefully, as the small infant, she does not have traumatic memories of the escape trhough the mountains


Dlshad is a 10-year-old Yazidi boy from Iraqi Sinjar region. Before ISIS occupied his village, he lived a peaceful life with his family and grandparents. In August 2014, he was forced to leave everything behind and flee to Sinjar mountain. From there he walked for hours to reach safety.


Dler was born in April 2017 in an IDP camp to a young Yazidi parents as their second child. His parents and grandparents were taking good care of him and trying to provide him with everything needed.


Anas is a 5-year-old Muslim boy who was born in a small village in Anbar province in Iraq. His father used to be a worker and he was trying to provide his children as much as he could. The life of family changed completely in early 2014 when ISIS seized its control of the Anbar province.


Amal, a 20-year-old Yazidi girl, is from the south of Sinjar region. She shared the same destiny as many other people of her ethnic group, when ISIS invaded their region. Fleeing to Sinjar mountain where they stayed siege for few long days, then escaping through the Syrian borde


Alian is a 13-year-old Yazidi boy from Bashiqa town, located around 30km north-east from Mosul city. He used to live in a house with his parents and 4 siblings and he was attending school. When ISIS fighters started to take over Ninawa plains, his family was forced to leav

Ali Elias

Ali, a 62-year-old Yazidi man, is a father of 8 children. Before displacement due to the ISIS invasion, he used to live in Sinjar region with families of his sons. In August 2014, they escaped to Sinjar mountain and after few days, they found a temporary home.


Ahmed is a 21-year-old boy who was born in Syria. He lived in Kobani with his parents and 4 siblings. When ISIS raised in power and the security situation in Syria worsened, his family decided to search for a safer place to live and they fled to Iraqi Kurdistan.


Jasin is a 4 years old boy from the south of Sinjar. He is the youngest of five siblings. During ISIS’ invasion in 2014 his family escaped from the region by foot reaching the Syrian border after 3 days of walking through the Sinjar mountains. Jasin suffers from Thalassamia Major


Basem is a 60 years old woman living in Dakar IDPs camp. She has three kids: two boys and one girl. One of her sons has left home leaving his two young kids there with Basem. So now there is 7 people sharing the small space of a tent and no one is working. She was affected by severe back pain and was in need of an urgent back oepration.


Khoke is a 28 years old woman. She now lives in Chamisko camp with his husband and two kids. They live in a small tend but they created a nice shadowed yard in the middle where they can also spend their time. Her husband has been working repairing a highway for the past two months but he doesn’t know for how long more he will be able to wor

Mahdi and Mahwar

Mahdi and  Mahwar are two siblings, relatively 13 and 12 years old. They come a village near Sinjar City and were displaced in 2014 by the advancement of ISIS and now live in an IDP camp in Northern Iraqi Kurdistan. which hosts around 30 000 individuals.


She is part of the community of Yazadis, a highly discriminated minority in Kurdistan. Also for this reason, she and her husband have struggled to find employment since displacement in 2014. She needs a urgent eye operation and a surgery to remove three kidney stones, but she can’t cover the cost by herself.


Heshiar is a five years old lively boy from Tel Qasab. When ISIS took over his hometow in 2014 he, his sister and his mother managed to escape with a car of a relative to Sharia, a village near Duhok. His dad was separated from them and remained in Sinjar mountain to fight ISIS, but luckily he then managed to walk to the Syrian border and save himself.


Khalida is a 6 years old girl who lives in a camp for internally displaced people hosting thousands of families. Khalida was born with a genetic defect which prevents her from walking. With your help we want to provide her with a orthopedic support.


Kholaf is 71 years old and has a very large family. Of his 12 kids, two were killed by ISIS during the capture of the Sinjar region, event that forced the family to escape to the north of Kurdistan. Kohlaf normally still lives in Sinjar with some of his kids. Indeed, his family is one of the few that still owns a house in Sinjar.


Saido is a Yazidi man, father of 10 children. After fleeing ISIS, his family found shelter in an IDP camp. Saido was then working as a shepherd until the heart disease forced him to stop. While collecting fundings for the investigation, he survived a heart attack. With help of French donors, we were able to contribute to his heart surgery.


Arik, a father of 3 children, fled from the Christian town, Qaraqosh. During the life in IDP camp, he suffered from kidney disease which led to renal failure. He underwent transplantation, but he needs to take expensive medication. Arik and his family recently returned to Qaraqosh, destroyed by ISIS. Their support symbolizes new hope for Iraqi Christians.


Nazlin, a little Yezidi girl, survived a genocide. At age of 4 years, she experienced a lot of stress, fear and uncertainty while fleeing ISIS. Diagnosed with a congenital heart defect, she did not have the chance to live a normal childhood. With the help of French donors, she underwent a successful surgery that saved her life and brightens her future.


Steven, a little Christian boy, was born in IDP camp. A few months later, he was diagnosed with hearing loss. The only chance for him to hear was an extremely costly surgery. Thanks to you, dear donors, his story has a happy ending. Now, he is starting a new life as a normal child.


Amal is a remarkable woman from central Iraq. She had to flee her hometown after ISIS invasion. However, the fight for her own life started already before, when she was diagnosed with malignant breast cancer. Until today, she is winning her battle with the disease, but she needs long-term therapy.


Abdalla is a young Muslim boy, who lost his father when he was 8. He has never experienced a carefree childhood. Due to the urinary bladder disorder, his kidneys recently failed. With the help of his family, he could afford a renal transplantation, but now he needs to continue with a special treatment.