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Iraqi Kurdistan may be a dusty desert for most of the year, but in spring something magical happens in its valleys and atop the mountains. The whole region becomes green and fertile. Especially in April, the Kurdish arid hills turn into soft green clouds covered in grass. Rivers furrowing through the dunes are invigorated with new life and the birds come out of their nests to welcome the fresh air. Every year we await the call of the swallows to give us the good news, spring is here!

This year we almost forgot to wait for them. We were too busy letting the bad news of 2020 darken our days. But spring didn’t let the virus cancel her annual visit, and even with Corona threatening to halt every aspect of our life, spring still arrived to bless the valleys of Kurdistan. In fact, even more birds came this year, to tell us not to worry that even this scary time will pass and that better days are ahead. We just need to show the same perseverance and light spirit of spring.

Next year if you have the chance (and assuming we can travel once again!) come visit Kurdistan in Spring!! You will be amazed by its
beauty, its culture, and its incredibly welcoming people!!


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