Meet the team: Lucia Pedulla

Jun 5, 2019

Hey Luci! So, can you briefly Introduce yourself for us?

Okay! My name is Lucia, I’m 23 yrs old, from Genoa in Italy. Last year, I graduated from King’s College London in Global Health and Social Medicine. I have spent three of the last four years in London and one in Melbourne, completing my studies. I try to travel as much as I can, and I really love painting, I was painting quite a lot in while working with STEP-IN! I also love ice-cream and cooking Italian food and creating my own recipes (some are better than others).

Lucia and a couple of our colleagues painted this amazing mural in our clinic in Dawoodia IDP camp to brighten up our patients’ wait.

When did you start working for STEP-IN? And, what made you choose STEP-IN / Iraqi Kurdistan?

I started working for STEP-IN in June 2018, only days after finishing my last exam at university. I wasn’t specifically drawn to working in Iraqi Kurdistan, but I knew about STEP-IN and admired their work. Initially, I wanted to volunteer with them as I had only just graduated and I didn’t think I had enough experience to officially work in the field. To my surprise, they hired me and, although hard sometimes, it was the most amazing job ever!

What was your role in STEP-IN?

I had two jobs over the six months I worked for STEP-IN. I was managing HandSAP and I was in-charge of setting up our Physiotherapy Centrum next to our clinic in Ozal City. I also cooked a lot of pasta, that counts, right?

What do you like the most about the HandSAP?

I think that what I appreciate the most is that each patient is given a chance to have a voice and have agency over their health. Also that the socio-economic situation of each case is taken into consideration, something that doesn’t often happen in medicine, especially in country’s like Iraq, where the system is completely overwhelmed.

What was your favourite part about living in Iraq?

The team made the experience incredible. I also fell in love with the region. Iraqi Kurdistan has beautiful nature, rivers, ancient ruins and so much history. There’s so much to learn about both ancient civilisations and belief systems here. Oh and I can’t forget the cheap kebabs. Delicious.

So, what’s next for you?

I’m still not sure it’s a good idea, but my partner and I have decided to fundraise for HandSAP by cycling back to Slovakia on a tandem bike. You can follow us on our Facebook page! Don’t forget to donate!

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