Atryan Ido

Jan 25, 2019

UPDATE: Atryan’s family were able to secure the surgery for free at a private hospital in Duhok! This sweet boy is now back home, happy and healthy. 

Atryan Ido is 8-years-old. He is from Hardan, a village on the Northern flank of the Sinjar mountains. When ISIS took over the region in August of 2014, his whole family, including his parents, eight siblings and many other relatives fled towards Kurdistan. Unfortunately, they were repeatedly intercepted by ISIS fighters during their journey. Twenty of Atryan’s family members were captured and remain unaccounted for. Now, Atryan, his parents and siblings live in Dawoodia camp. The eleven of them live in two caravans. Nobody in the family is employed, so they survive on the symbolic camp allowance provided to them.

When Atryan was nine-months-old was diagnosed with urethra hypospadia, which means his urethra is twisted causing him to have difficulties urinating,. Recently, our doctors also found Atryan presented one undescended teste, common in small boys and remediable with surgery. So, we would like to help Atryan’s family cover the costs of the two surgeries he needs to correct these two issues.

Medical needs: urethra correction surgery and cryptorchidism surgery

Cost: 700 000 IQD in total


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