Mulham Barakat Naif

Nov 7, 2018

Mulhem Barakat, like so many other Yezidi children, fled from his home in Sinjar four years ago and now lives in a camp for displaced people near Duhok city, Kurdistan.  Now he is 20, with a big family who count on him for financial support because his father is now too old to seek employment and some of his ten siblings have already left home. However, Mulhem cannot work because of a eye trauma he suffered during the violent times of displacement. He is now partly blind because of it so he urgently needs a surgery before his vision is permanently lost. He specifically needs cataract and pars plana vitrectomy operations. These procedures will cost $2600, but Mulhem cannot afford this. In fact, his sister is the only employed person in the household, making 500 USD per month to be shared with nine family members. It is too difficult for the family to save enough to do the surgery, but Mulhem needs it urgently! Please help us to help him by donating through the website!

Support for: cataract and pars plana vitrectomy eye operation

Amount needed: $2600

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