Salam Saodon Habo

Nov 5, 2018

Salam lives in Berseve IDPs camp close to Zakho.

At 20 years old he is the oldest of 9 siblings.  Salam is the only man in the family because his father was kidnapped by ISIS and is still unaccounted for, but unfortunately, Salam is unable to work or study because a tumor in his right optic nerve has completely blinded his right eye and gives him pain and headache. Since Salam is not working, his family’s only income is the IDP allowance they receive from the government which equates to 16 USD per person per month. An operation to remove the tumor can potentially allow Salam to see again and prevent his situation from getting critical. This procedure costs $2,000 dollars, but Salam’s family has for now collected, sacrificing primary needs, only a couple of hundreds dollars. By helping Salam we can help his whole family…. Please donate.

Support for: tumor removal eye surgery

Amount needed: 2000 $

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