Sep 21, 2018

Abdul is 7 years old, he is from Raqqa Syria. He came to Erbil as a refugee in 2015 after ISIS took over his home city. Now Abdul lives with his two sisters and parents in an empty building in a suburb of Erbil.

At birth a liver’s malfunction caused him to be deaf. Because of this, he is not able to speak and has not been able attend school.

His father is working as a tailor but he is only earning 200-300 IQD per month. In fact, it is often hard for Syrian refugees to earn decent salaries and rebuild a life here in Kurdistan.

Especially, Abdul needs a specific kind of hearing aid which is quite expensive ($1200). However, we think this equipment could change his life and reduce his disability to a minimum. Accordingly, we hope to receive a large number of donations, enough to provide for his need and help him grow up healthier and happier


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