Jul 3, 2018


Khoke is a 28 years old woman. She now lives in Chamisko camp with his husband and two kids.

They live in a small tend but they created a nice shadowed yard in the middle where they can also spend their time.

Her husband has been working repairing a highway for the past two months but he doesn’t know for how long more he will be able to work. IDPs in the camp are often in this precarious working condition in which they may work for few months and then are let down for unknown periods of time.

Yet, because of this little money they currently are able to save, Khoke is considering getting a eye surgery long needed. She has a form of  Hyperometropia which gives her headache and impairs her daily life.  However, this operation costs 1500 $ and the family is still quite far from reaching the budget necessary.

Although this is not a matter of life and death, Khoke has been saving for years to have this operation and if we can help her realizing her goal and improving even by just a little bit her quality of life we don’t want to say no.

A small donation would not barely change anything in our lives but could help Khoke lives more healthy and happy.

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