Jun 26, 2018

Seve is 58 years old and currently stays in Chamisko IDPs camp. She has three kids and she now lives in a tent with her son’s family. Her husband was in the army and was killed in 2006. Seve has not financial support beside a small compensation she receives monthly for the loss of her husband (250$ every two months).

Seve suffers from ischemic heart disease. She did a characterisation in 2014, but never had the money to undergo a surgery. She is a great support for the family, considering one of her son is affected from a speech disorder and needs constant care. However, she is worried that if she doesn’t take care of her condition she may pays a high price. In fact, after her escape through Sinjar mountains her condition has geotten worse. Specifically, after she fled her hometown Tel Quasab, she had to sleep outside and then live in empty buildings for five months. Currently, she is still forced to sleep on a thin mattress on the floor.These life conditions contribute in making her health situation precarious.

We hope to provide her medical care and consult a specialist to understand exactly which operation she needs. However, prices for specialised surgeries can be very high, and we need your help to guarantee her that she will be taken care of.

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