Jun 26, 2018

Ivan is a young woman living in Kabarto IDPs camp. She is 27 years old and she has already three beautiful kids.

She is part of the community of Yazadis, a highly discriminated minority in Kurdistan. Also for this reason, she and her husband have struggled to find employment since displacement in 2014 and now only live on IDPs camp governmental support (18 $ per person per month).

Her brother in law and mother in law also live with them and the family was able to leave one of the two small tents they were assigned uniquely for the grandmother.

Both Ivan and her little girl sufferf from recurrent chronic kidney stones. This is a common condition among the camps and often people leave it untreated until it is too painful to ignore. Specifically, two years ago Ivan’s family decided to borrow 700.000 IQD to finally undergo a surgery to remove the stones. However, she currently still has three kidney stones left, but not means to take care of the problem. In addition, Ivan needs a eye surgery because she has keratoconus severe stage for which she needs a specialist operation that costs 800$.

We want to start supporting Ivan taking care of her health, both by helping her paying the surgeries she needs, but also by giving her the attention she should receive, listening to her and helping her day by day to not give up and make healthy decisions.

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