Jun 22, 2018

Zahra is a 5 years old girl from Bork, small town in the north of Sinjar region.

She is affected by chronic nephrolithiasis. Since 2017 she had to go through four surgeries to remove these recurrent Stagorn stones. Each surgery cost around 500$ and thanks to donations we were able to cover 100% of surgeries expenses. However, Zahra still needs support because her condition is chronic and she frequently has to go to Dohuk for examination, but her family cannot pay for transportation.

Indeed, after the family escaped ISIS in 2014, they moved to Sinjar mountain, two hours away from Dohuk. Specifically, to save themselves, Zahra’s family had to walk through the mountains spending nine days hiding. Lacking any sort of transportation, they walked 30 kilometres to reach Syria and then moved to Khanke IDPs camp. Currently, they are looking to build a house in Sinjar mountain, to avoid the crowding of the camps. However, they have no source of income and no relative to help them.

Accordingly, Zahra’s parents cannot pay for any future medical expense. We are currently still covering for Zahra’s transport to Duhok hospital, but we need your help to keep supporting Zahra in the future especially in the circumstance of another surgery or a potential alternative intervention to cure her condition.

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