Jun 22, 2018

Maha is 5 years old and she lives in Kabartoo, a camp near Duhok hosting around 30000 displaced people. Maha is affected by Epidermolysis Bullosa, a disease that increases skin sensitiveness and for which no effective cure has been developed yet. Accordingly, her skin is constantly covered of blisters and wounds.










 Maha has 3 brothers and 2 sisters and they all live in one tent around 2 square metres wide. The oldest boy is 15 and is going to school in Kabartoo, but no one in the family is currently able to work. Maha’s family escaped ISIS in August 2014 walking all the way from SInjar and was not able to save anything from their previous belongings. Yet, in 2016 the family managed to collect 700$ from the community in the camp to buy some creams and ointments to treat the blisters. However, currently the family has stopped any kind of medication because of the lack of money. Treatment interruption and the poor living conditions of the family have contributed to worsen Mahs’s condition. Now her blisters are infected to the point that she is in constant pain and she may lose her toes and fingers. Although no definite cure is available, some support treatment can help Maha live a better life on a day by day basis. Considering the extent of skin affected a large amount of creams and bandages are needed, but the family can’t currently afford such expense. With a little donation we can provide some relief to Maha and help her parents to take care of her.


   Support for: support treatment

  Amount needed: 300$ per month










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