Jun 22, 2018

Khalida is a 6 years old girl who lives in Berseve1, a camp for internally displaced people currenly hosting thousands of families.

Khalida’s parents are cousins and possibly as a consequence Khalida was born with a genetic defect which prevents her from walking. Thanks to a previous donation from Germany, Khalida has been going to physiotherapy, but the results are scarce and her family often can’t afford the price of the transport to the physiotherapy clinic (Dohuk city is about an hour away) .

Indeed, as IDPs and Yazidis, families like Khalida’s struggle to find work and can’t build a future for their children.

Khalida’s family comes from Telcasap, a small village in Sinjar mountain. The area was taken up by ISIS in August 2014 and her family had to escape to survive. Her parents and her three sisters had to hide in the mountains for a week with no water nor food supplies of any sort. The signs of such traumatic experience are still vivid today. Indeed, Khalida’s mother has deep scars in her feet from when she had to run for safety bare foot and her husband now suffers from chronic back pain for carrying Khalida and her younger sister on his shoulder during the flight.

Specifically, Khalida is a smart girl, well-aware of her own disadvantaged situation. She smiles, but her eyes gleam when she looks at the hundreds of other kids that continuously run around her.

In particular, Khalida needs constant access to both physiotherapy and psychotherapy as well as a specific orthopaedic device that could help her stand.However, the family now lives only of the small contribution IDPs receive from the Iraqi government (around 16$ per month per person) and cannot afford to provide for what she needs.

With the help of donations we managed to help Khalida to get this ortophedic support and now she can stand on her own legs!!

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