Jun 22, 2018

Kaji is a 43 years old woman and she is the mother of 7 kids. Two of her seven boys are currently going to University which is not a common privilege for many of the IDPs in this region.

Kaji lives with her family in a small house in the village of Khanke. Her family, similarly to thousands of others, found refuge in the Sinjar mountains during ISIS advancement through the region in 2014. They lived in a village on Sinjar mountain for a year, but had to move to Khanke because Kaji was diagnosed with Leukemia.

Kaji’s husband is a school cleaner and the 300 $ per month he brings home are a rare precious help. Indeed, they are able to pay the rent of a five rooms house (shared in 11 people). This guarantees Kaji in her precarious health situation to have a bed and a greater tranquillity compared to the life in the camps.

Medications for Leukemia are very expensive if bought from private (foreign) suppliers, but government provisions are not reliable enough to guarantee the constancy needed. In fact, Kaji has now to undergo a cycle of chemotherapy with a session per week, but cheap medications from public hospitals can be available one week and finished the week after. Accordingly, we decided to help her and we are now paying for her medication three weeks at the time. We hope that with your support we can keep helping Kaji in her battle against Leukemia for as long as she needs.

Support for: Leukemia medication

Amount needed: 600$ (200$ per session)



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