Dec 27, 2017

Arik is a 45-year-old man, father of three children. In 2014, he fled ISIS, which invaded and occupied his hometown Qaraqosh, the biggest Iraqi Christian town. He and his family sought a shelter in an IDP camp.

Unfortunately, Arik suffered from chronic kidney disease which recently led to a renal failure. To avoid dialysis, he needed to undergo a very costly renal transplantation. With the help of his relatives, friends, and money donated by the local church, he was able to afford this surgery.

Now, he needs to take expensive immunosuppressive therapy to prevent rejection of transplanted kidney. Without a job, struggling with loans which he is supposed to pay, he could barely buy this necessary therapy. A few months ago, our project started to support him.

Arik and his family recently moved back to their destroyed hometown Qaraqosh to start again. They symbolize a new hope for Christian communities in Iraq.

Support for: immunosuppressive therapy

Amount needed: 350 $ / month

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